Safety has always been our major concern; therefore we offer our guests the best in terms of technology with NAUTILUS LIFELINE.
All divers are offered to use Nautilus Lifeline in order to feel completely safe in case he/she resurfaces far away from the diving dhoni and / or from other buddy divers.
Please be aware that the use of Nautilus Lifeline does not authorize the diver to reckless behaviours or not to respect the normal safety diving rules.
Nautilus Lifeline is small, light and handy. It’s like a radio for divers with GPS functions and a range of 13 km / 8 miles. It’s waterproof and depth rated to 130m / 425 ft depth with cap closed. The batteries can last 24 hours in emergency mode.
Nautilus Lifeline is used at the surface by communicating with the radio on board the main boat and with the radio on the diving dhoni. It transmits immediately the diver’s position to the boats.
Rent contract of Nautilus Lifeline VHF GPS.
The rental is free of charge.